any ~ he/him • 18 • UK

yo, i'm ty! aka tygrdev.a full-stack web developer.
founder of lofuand nord


A little on how I got to where I am today.

I discovered Discord in 2018 and regularly used the various bots on the platform. After using them consistently, I was curious about how they worked, so I asked Google. I looked at multiple JavaScript tutorials and tried to create my bot for people to use.

After a while, I ran out of ideas for new things to add to these bots. However, there was one thing that I couldn't get my mind off. Some popular bots had websites you could visit, allowing you to control the bot! Now THAT was cool, and I wanted it for myself.

Sooner or later, I switched my focus towards learning front-end development, and lost interest in Discord bots. After learning the basics of HTML, CSS and with my pre-existing knowledge of JavaScript, I created my first website.

However, my journey has only begun; I'm currently enrolled in a Computer Science course at Eastleigh College and I'm constantly learning new languages, frameworks and skills.


A few featured projects that I've worked on!
Project Image


My personal website. The place you're at right now!

Project Image


A website for the award-winning zoo photographer, Casey Dyke.

Project Image



A free, open-source and community driven manga and anime tracking service

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An open-source self-hostable music Discord bot.